Gear up people! Brand new WordPress theme – Rhea on its way

Published On November 7, 2007
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Wordpress Theme - Rhea

All right! So, I have made my first WordPress theme after taking over this blog. Now, the questions will be – Where is the theme ?? Where do I get it ?? Well.. its right here. The new theme of BOB. Woot Woot!

It will be available for download soon. Most probably by tomorrow! Its distinguishing feature will include a full fledged integration of a Lightbox Gallery on the left sidebar where you can showcase anything and everything in the form of photos. The theme’s name is Rhea (after my daughter’s name).

BTW, our official slogan has been changed to = Of the Bloggers, By the Bloggers, For the Bloggers. After all, its all about blogging. Isn’t it? πŸ™‚


18 replies on “Gear up people! Brand new WordPress theme – Rhea on its way”

Verna Reply

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Layne Reply

If your website serves its purpose then you may state that it has been a successful attempt. Further, after the conversion process is done, the wordpress developer will also check the cross browser compatibility of the files to ensure that your website runs consistently across platforms. Make sure that it comes from a reliable source and also that you get regular updates.

Leslie Wong Reply


Thanks for a great theme. I changed the header image for my site and added 3D widget title images – I’m not sure it really looks right, but anyway…

Thanks again.

hafreze Reply

waa, there are so much wordpress theme that can be downloaded! by the way, congratulation for taking over the ownership from bob. you are spending a big amount of money huh! total expenditure = RM33000+ = my mom’s annual earning

Blogging tips and tricks Reply

hi mr jain , its nice to hear that now owner of this blog is an indina , but plz also change your new slogan form your meta description also add top commentators in your right side bar a, it will give some benefits to your commentators also .

Stefson Reply

You sure don’t beat around the bush.

I like your new look, especially the theme displays on the left. Very clean and easy for the eyes.

You about page could use some more intel about who you are, what you do for a living etc …

Do you run any other sites?

I’m all for questions baby!

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