Fast Update #02

Published On September 8, 2007
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1. Buzz!! Sorry to all my commentators, your questions i will answer asap.

2. Snap!! I just create new blog called CSS Snap. Just another CSS Webgallery. Submit and try it out. πŸ™‚

CSS Snap

3. Anybody can give me any suggestion for a next theme?

4. My Technorati Rank: 254 in Top 500. Thanks all.

5. My Feed subscribers drop to 98. Hard.

6. I want sponsor somebody for a custom theme. Thinking… but who? πŸ™‚

7. Alexa said, my blog speed: Very Slow. Avarage Load Time: 16,6 Seconds. Yes, currently self hosted. Many hardware i need to update and upgrade. I need RAM. Who want to sponsor me?

8. You can make money online by being an iWEBTOOL Affiliate. All you will need to do is refer potential customers to buy a product at iWEBTOOL and you’re done!

9. WordPress 2.2.3 – Security and Bug-Fix Release

10. Free $25 Bonus for New AuctionAds Puiblishers

34 replies on “Fast Update #02”

Janelle Rodriguez Reply

the report – most informative thanks|I enjoy reading the report, too. It?s easy to understand that a journey like this is the biggest event in ones

Bob Reply

kuyie@ Huhu okay. gue balik tgh pose ni.

Matt @ thanks for the..

Jaypee @ hehe will look it first πŸ™‚

mark @ hehe will look it first πŸ™‚

Dave@ no need at this moment πŸ™‚

vangardx @ ok, terima kasih πŸ™‚

vangardx Reply

hello everybody, wah..converted! πŸ˜€ now blogspot user can use one of the hottest wordpress template from malaysia, congrats πŸ˜€

Matt Reply

Hi Bob,

I’m looking for a custom theme for my site, you contact pages has an error on it. Please email me so we might be able to discuss a new theme.

kuyie Reply

me again..the ccs snap logo for me is not good, not lame but there room for more creativity!

bila nak berbuka bersama-sama? kedai aji ker?!!

khairulazmi Reply

Hi Bob,
About the next theme suggestion.
I long time no see 2 column theme with the side bar on the left.

I love to have a sidebar on the left at least 260px wide..

also a function like a digg & submit and technorati on every item likes ‘feelthefreedom’ by Web 2.0 Themes would be handy.

ikram_zidane Reply

wow, ko ke yang buat ? aku ingat sapa la awal2 jumpa ni.

excellent and very good effort. though it does look like cssremix (was) a bit..

Saad Reply

Hi, thanks for the wordpress theme releases, one suggestion, is there any way you can make a theme like the one techcrunch uses currently? that would be cool, i like yours as well also..but if you can thanks.

iCalvyn Reply

well..u have a nice theme, and i think to use urs, and still adjusting it… probably will send u a mail when i really cant fix it…

custom theme? any requirement?

Bob Reply

No secret for technorati rank. depend on our back link. But its getting hard to get list on Popular Blogs.

Look at which rank 7, but still not get list on the Top 100.

I have no idea how technorati select for the Top 100 a.k.a Popular Blogs.

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