Fast Update #02

Published On September 8, 2007
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1. Buzz!! Sorry to all my commentators, your questions i will answer asap.

2. Snap!! I just create new blog called CSS Snap. Just another CSS Webgallery. Submit and try it out. πŸ™‚

CSS Snap

3. Anybody can give me any suggestion for a next theme?

4. My Technorati Rank: 254 in Top 500. Thanks all.

5. My Feed subscribers drop to 98. Hard.

6. I want sponsor somebody for a custom theme. Thinking… but who? πŸ™‚

7. Alexa said, my blog speed: Very Slow. Avarage Load Time: 16,6 Seconds. Yes, currently self hosted. Many hardware i need to update and upgrade. I need RAM. Who want to sponsor me?

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9. WordPress 2.2.3 – Security and Bug-Fix Release

10. Free $25 Bonus for New AuctionAds Puiblishers

34 replies on “Fast Update #02”

Matt Reply

Hi Bob,

I’m looking for a custom theme for my site, you contact pages has an error on it. Please email me so we might be able to discuss a new theme.

khairulazmi Reply

Hi Bob,
About the next theme suggestion.
I long time no see 2 column theme with the side bar on the left.

I love to have a sidebar on the left at least 260px wide..

also a function like a digg & submit and technorati on every item likes ‘feelthefreedom’ by Web 2.0 Themes would be handy.

ikram_zidane Reply

wow, ko ke yang buat ? aku ingat sapa la awal2 jumpa ni.

excellent and very good effort. though it does look like cssremix (was) a bit..

Saad Reply

Hi, thanks for the wordpress theme releases, one suggestion, is there any way you can make a theme like the one techcrunch uses currently? that would be cool, i like yours as well also..but if you can thanks.

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