Elegant Themes Giveaway – 3 Lifetime Memberships worth $249

Published On December 11, 2013
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Giveaway Over! Winners are :- “e Lee”, “Leo” and “icreative”. Please send in your e-mail address to me.


Today, Elegantthemes.com will be launching their brand new, much anticipated WordPress theme – Divi. According to this Sneak Peak Post, they claim Divi to be the most powerful WordPress theme ever created by Elegant Themes. Their team has been working hard on the development of this theme and has integrated many robust features that will make Divi their flagship product. To celebrate this launch, they are giving away three Lifetime Memberships worth $249 to their WordPress themes club.

So What is Divi?

Divi Features & Gallery Page

The most attractive feature is the Page Builder that comes with Divi. This builder will allow users to create their own layouts by just dragging and dropping modules that come with the theme. Divi will ship with a variety of modules that can be used in any column. You can even stack multiple modules within a column. With this structure, users will be able to create some really strong responsive layouts that will also work flawlessly work on mobile devices. Below is an example of a page layout that you can create with the builder. Divi will also ship with pre-made layouts that you can use and edit with ease.


To make sure that all of these modules work with each other, they have created a strong responsive grid and tested its durability in numerous layouts with multiple sections, rows, and modules. With the ability to create completely custom layouts, and set any page as your homepage, Divi is a sure winner theme.

How to Win Lifetime Memberships in Elegant Themes Club?

Elegant Themes has a WordPress Themes club (Full of modern and attractive WordPress themes) with three membership plans. They have collaborated with Blog Oh! Blog and want to give away 3 free lifetime membership subscriptions that are worth $249 each.

So, all you have to do is Leave a Comment (with your e-mail) on this post saying Why you Deserve this Membership and Visit their Website to check out the new Divi WordPress Theme. This will qualify you to win this membership. After some time, I will declare three lucky winners who can become life time members of the club.. forever! So, go ahead, leave a comment now!

36 replies on “Elegant Themes Giveaway – 3 Lifetime Memberships worth $249”

mekongdelta Reply

Awesome themes! My site needs to be renovated and these themes will make it a great looking site. Thanks for share.

e Lee Reply

Why I deserve to win this Elegant Themes giveaway… I am a mom of four kids ages 6 and under who, over the last year, has found a passion for web design and blogging as a way to share hobbies as well as inspirations and bring in a side income doing so while still being able to homeschool my children.

While my main site was my playground in learning WP, plugins, small bits of coding here and there, I now have other domains yet to be developed that would hugely benefit from multiple themes from ET and Divi just happens to be the theme that is so versatile it can fit across the board on different subject areas these few sites could touch upon.

Over the last 6 months, I have also taken the knowledge learned over the last year to help other small businesses in the same crafting industry start their web and social media presence and believe that there is a calling for me to start a consulting/basic WP install/walk through side business to supplement our income.

Winning a lifetime membership to Elegant Themes can/will easily translate to ET being used/seen on multiple websites, being promoted by someone in a few niche markets that otherwise may not be WP Theme savvy. It also would mean helping a growing family help other aspiring moms/crafters/homeschoolers jump start a supplemental income stream via blogging.

I must say… that this particular giveaway triggered the most thought because the “comment topic” is outreach to those who are entering vs. ‘talk about us (the product)’. So, a great big thank you, for asking your followers to introspect — and for inspiring me to start my day by looking at the “WHY” of what I want to do vs. just chasing a giveaway!

Good luck to all who enter – and hope you got as much as I did out of this giveaway πŸ˜€

Jai Reply

Congratulations for winning the Lifetime membership from Elegantthemes.com. Please send me your e-mail address. Elegant Themes team will get in touch with you about the membership soon.

Consuelo Reply

Winning an ElegantThemes lifetime membership would be a truly awesome Christmas present. Why I should win it? — Quite simply, I would love to build beautiful, creative, and effective websites (based on Divi, Vertex, Nimble, Nexus, etc.) for my clients.

Sugavanas Reply

I am just one more guy who loves elagant themes releases. So if I could get lifetime membership, I can use it in my future site πŸ˜€

I like editing pre made themes and this would give me a chance to learn more about wordpress themes πŸ˜€

I hope I would win

Rana Reply

I’m a wordpress enthusiast and there would be nothing better than to access some of the coolest wp themes ever made if I get the membership of elegant themes. Its just a wish!

Ethan Reply

I’ve always wanted to join Elegant Themes.
Looking at their themes alone helped me in some coding + customization to my blog.
However, as a Malaysian wordpress user; the USD 39 per year may still be abit expensive due to currency exchange, etc…

Hope to be able to win this …

Justin Reply

I am loving this new Divi theme. It looks so easy and fun to play with. I really wish I could just mess around with it for a while and make something really nice without paying for it. Well, I guess thats why Im entering this fabulous giveaway that you are currently holding over here.

Santhosh Reply

On all major Independent reviews about WordPress theme developer clubs, Elegant Theme always grabs #1/#2 pos1tions. As a freelance WordPress developer, an Elegant Theme Lifetime Club Membership will give me advantage in developing and designing sunning WordPress Applications.

Divi is a trend setting WordPress theme with its Page builder and eCommerce features. It will help developers build WordPress business sites in a professional way with easy.

Thank you very much for this awesome giveaway.

Betty B. Reply

I remember reading an online review of the top WP theme clubs — and ElegantThemes was rated in the top 5, but typically referred to as the “Value” theme club. Well, with the release of Divi, I think they should they should be referred to as “High Value” theme club.

As a relatively new freelance web developer, I need to win this giveaway so that I can use themes like Divi to develop professional websites for my clients.

Gayle Reply

I have always liked Elegant Themes. I used them for a while but had some serious issues and was drawn away by another company that had a what looked like a simple drag and drop system. It hasn’t been as easy as I hoped and ever since seeing this Divi Theme, I can’t help drooling over such a robust tool them! I think I am in love! πŸ™‚

Raman Reply

I have started with developing few websites for my friends. I find WordPress as an awesome tool for this and definitely Elegant Themes has some of the best WP websites out there.

Melissa Reply

Your themes are so amazing that I built a company website using one of your free templates. Your templates are clean and so easy to customize for my own unique needs. When it comes to themes, you know how to do it right! And…if you pick me, I will tell all my friends and colleagues! πŸ™‚

Leo Reply

Wow. Divi absolutely blew my mind off. I never thought of customising the checkout page. And videos on the slider. Wow! Even if we don’t win, I’ll save some money and get myself a copy. If we WIN, well.. it’ll immediately be on our website!

Elegantthemes has a winner here. The possibilities are endless. Winning will not only help us launch TechGarage. With Divi customisability, TG will definitely look good. And you can be sure we will write more on WordPress =)

Jai Reply

Congratulations for winning the Lifetime membership from Elegantthemes.com. Please send me your e-mail address. Elegant Themes team will get in touch with you about the membership soon.

yaviza Reply

I can’t imagine focusing long enough to research; much less write this kind of article. You’ve outdone yourself with this material. This is great content.

Mohammed Sarhan Reply

Please count me in πŸ™‚
I think it is a good chance to experience new WP themes and different styles in showing blogs
I hope to make me more professional in dealing with WP
Let’s wish good luck

Zackary N. Reply

I’ve been a fan of Elegant Themes since they produced the Foxy and Nexus themes. With the new Divi theme, they have hit a home run. The Divi theme has amazing beauty and functionality. I would love to with a membership, because it would a fantastic resource for themes that I customize for current and future clients.

Kannapiran Reply

I am having a startup WebDesign Company. I am an ardent WordPress Designer. I will be using this Membership as a worthy Investment in my Company.

Debjit Biswas Reply

Well i want to win this very much.
I am a web developer and working towards NGO’s of INDIA.
With this wordPress theme I can provide free site, and also it just reduce my workload.
And i hate piracy, this can give me opportunity to test all awesome themes and Win Lifetime Memberships in Elegant Themes Club.

icreative Reply

I would love to be one of the winning commenter πŸ™‚ because I am not only a User but also a Developer and Elegant themes provides us a nice framework to start with for customizations. By getting lifetime access to Elegant’s themes I will be in touch with their latest products that I can customize for my clients and will make them to register for membership with elegant themes.

I have been following elegant themes for the last 4 Years and have seen them producing Top Notch Themes and got inspired always with their work and their new product DIVI is simply AmAzZing!!!

BlohOhBlog!!! ROCKS πŸ™‚ Thanks for giving us a way to Win this Membership…

Jai Reply

Congratulations for winning the Lifetime membership from Elegantthemes.com. Please send me your e-mail address. Elegant Themes team will get in touch with you about the membership soon.

Sumith Suresh Reply

I would definitely like to win this membership because Elegant Themes are really top class themes and with the launch of Divi, they are completely on top of the Premium Theme chain!

Divi theme would definitely help me to makeover my personal blog and create a stunning and visually effective blog for my self and my readers. The drag and drop interface along with all those modules just make me go wow! πŸ˜€

Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway! πŸ™‚

Andy Bell Reply

I would love this theme because my portfolio site is in need of a revamp. This would be an easy way to get a great looking site while not spending forever working on it! As I do some video, I’m particularly interested in the video backgrounds!

Barry Madden Reply

Finally I’ll be able to bring a clean, easy to use & effective site builder to my clients sites that they’ll actually want to use to create beautiful engaging pages. Also very excited to see what’s possible & get creative myself for some exciting personal projects!

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