Disappointed with WordPress 2.5 ?

Published On April 14, 2008
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WordPress 2.5 Sucks

As more and more people are upgrading to the latest release of WordPress 2.5, the number of rants and complaints is increasing steadily. I am sure the developers have worked hard to make the administration section of the new release as user-friendly as possible, but there are some shortcomings which should definitely be addressed in further releases of WordPress.

Here are three things about WordPress 2.5 that have really put me off :-


1. First of all, I don’t understand the need of including an “add” button with the tags. The old method of specifying all the tags just separated by a comma was far less time consuming and you did not have to press an extra button every time you wanted to add a tag.


2. Adding categories is the worst of all. First you scroll down to the categories section (which were very accessible in the earlier version always being on the right side), then you click on “Add New Category”, write the category name and finally click on the add button. I really hate this part as they have increased the total number of steps to add a category for your posts.


3. In WordPress 2.3, all the other features (comments and pings, password protect etc.) floated right of your post which made them very much accessible. I am sorry to say but this is not the case with the latest version of WordPress.

I am sure many of you also feel the same way about the latest 2.5 release. You are welcome to vote below and let the developers of WordPress know about your feelings.


48 replies on “Disappointed with WordPress 2.5 ?”

Bali Tour Reply

Yes, it seem every one disappointing with WordPress 2.5
now WordPress update to WordPress 4, hope in this version there will be no bug

hoodia supplements Reply

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train certain Reply

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goob Reply

Shouldn’t the broad be wearing the headband? I mean, the guy is disappointed in her, right? That’s why he’s slapping her across the gob.

I suppose she could be disappointed in him BECAUSE he is slapping her. But that isn’t as funny.

smily Reply

It’s grown on me, perhaps it takes a bit of time to get used to change but I agree whole heartedly about redesigning the write post page.

I’d highly recommend trying out the windows live writer thing for those people who can’t get the image uploader working, it’s worked really well for me. Although if you’re worried about validation I’d suggest not using it for flash files, but it’s great for everything else.

robin Reply

I don’t like it at all, I have a testaccount with a basic theme installed now. The “visit site” button hovers over the “write” button, I can still press it but barely.

Also the password protect feature doesn’t work as supposed, after entering a password and clicking the submit button nothing happens, then you need to press F5 to get in.

Several of my favorite plugins that work fine under 2.3 don”t work under 2.5. Also my main (paid) theme shows strange behaviour under 2.5 as it doesn’t seem to be 100% compatible and last not to mention the image upload problem.

I still am running my main blog under 2.3 and plan to leave it like that, thought I read somewhere that 2.6 is coming but will test that also before I switch.

jj Reply

I bet no one in the WP group has any knowledge on HCI, IxD, or UxD—so how can they even say they are doing things more user-friendly?

So many people throw the words user and friendly without having any clue about the topic… ๐Ÿ™

rick Reply

It looks much better than the previous version. Much nicer graphic design. Problems are as mentioned:
– scrolling up and down constantly
– no publish button at bottom (you have to scroll back up)
– attaching images doesn’t work

Drilling Blly Reply

What frustrates the most is that the IMAGE UPLOADING SIMPLY DOESN’T WORK! I don’t get it… How can they come out with a new version when features don’t work?

The old wordpress rocked but the new 2.5 is walking the same path as Joomla. It’s getting bigger and bigger with more and more features losing in usability. This was the reason so many people switched from Joomla and Drupal to WordPress. I’m very disappointed with 2.5!

Davethesave Reply

New version is horrible just horrible. In fact I am jumping ship and looking for an alternative. MAybe I will go down the Drupal route. Change for the sake of change if you ask me, there was no need.

Jim L Reply

I can’t stand the new Design > Widgets page. To move a custom Text widget from one sidebar to another, you have to “Remove” the widget which actually deletes it, then Recreate it on the other sidebar. That doesn’t make any sense, when before you could just drag it from one sidebar to another. Otherwise 2.5 isn’t that bad, although not living up the hype either.


make money blog Reply

I’ve had 2 of my 2.1.3 blogs mysteriously auto updated to 2.5. Any idea if that’s a wordpress feature? I’ve checked with my host and they said they didn’t do it.

Pat Reply

I like it overall, but it has some problems.

– Uploading photos is cumbersome and simply doesn’t work in plain IE7 (you have to use a patch that will be included in 2.5.1, they say… bah). Also, the layout of the popup is ugly and unusable.

– Editing comments took me 10 minutes to figure out where to click.

– I have 15cm of white space on the right of the post edit box, and i have to scroll 15km up and down… WHY this?

However, regarding tags, you can still enter comma separated tags, and you don’t even have to push “add”. It’useful when you know it… but only then.

I think that they should do an heavy redesign and improve the usability.

M Reply

Hey! In 2.5 you still can use a coma when you specify tags or new categorys. Just write “photos, napkins, dwarfs” in the tags-field and hit enter / or click add. Same goes for new categories.

Rose Reply

My pet peeve is with regards to uploading photos. In Firefox I need to set my browser to full screen to upload and in IE I keep getting an error message.

betchay Reply

like a pp, i don’t like the new widgets editing page… i like the one before where you just drag and drop the widgets…

BigBri Reply

Why canโ€™t we just click and drag the freaking widgets, huh? Now I have to click a combo box, choose my sidebar, click show, click edit, click remove. Thatโ€™s five freaking clicks when I could just drag it away before! DAMMIT!

I have a rant on the new video / media stuff here:

Hone Reply

People through hands up in the air when 2.0 came out.

But they got used to it.

I think having the publish button on the side is a mistake because it adds to scrolling and for new users the publish button is less obvious.

David Coveney Reply

The new back-end may well be different and is definitely, in some ways, worse… but it’s so much better in so many other ways that once you’ve used it a while you’d never go back.

I think most of the complaints stem from pain of change. It’s like the Win2K to XP change… and now the XP to Vista change. It’ll always be this way ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s also a lot of extras now available to developers allowing them to keep things standard whilst hugely improving the presentation of upcoming themes.

So from us, a big thumbs up!

Adarsh Reply

I guess the 3rd option will get the least hits for one reason, thats the real percentage of pro-bloggers who are hell busy and don’t have time to waste on clicking extra and managing things. But yeah, I agree, the new update isn’t that cool, I liked the 2.3 version.

Hosting Reply

Thanks for the post, I was considering upgrading to the new version but I think I’ll stick with the old version after reading this.

JonasR Reply


I don’t think it such a big issue, I just use Windows Live Writer I find it very easy to post through this application, and it’s working super with WordPress 2.5 in my case.

Just an idea
Have fun blogging!

Malin Reply

Perhaps I got you wrong up there (then forgive me), but you don’t have to click the “add” button each time you write in a tag. Add all the tags at once, separating them with a “,” and then click the add button. ๐Ÿ™‚

Adrian Reply

Well, I waited before upgrading my clients blogs to 2.5 for quite some time (to me a month is a long time). And frankly, I’m quite happy with the upgrade. Much more professional look and feel (not so “open-sourcey”), and way easier to use. For pro bloggers perhaps there are many dislikes, but for clients and those who are not so tech/blog savvy (and want something easy to use out of the box), 2.5 works like a charm.

Richard H Reply

Getting used to change always takes time, and we all have our preferences, but I don’t have any complaints at all about 2.5.

I have no regrets for upgrading, but if you haven’t yet, there’s no big rush in my opinion.

newmediaMike Reply

My pet peeve is with the adding of widgets. I used to like the old way of dragging and dropping. It made swapping widgets easier, especially if you were swapping columns.

Pk_JoA Reply

I made a mistake when I upgrade. Really, WP 2.5 sucks. I hate it. From his slow method for uploading images (that makes mi FF crash in Ubuntu) to the horrible new panel (well, it is better, but I is not good enough…)

PD: Sorry for my bad english
PD2: Good Blog! First time I comment, but I read your blog for quite a while now.

Lisa Reply

The admin interface is AWFUL. Luckily, I’ve only upgraded one of my many domains, and it’s not a blog I update all of the time.

The site I upgraded is a product review/shopping site, and I’m almost afraid to do one of my shopping entries, because there’s a lot of photos involved in those entries…

WP 2.5 certainly isn’t making blogging any EASIER, that’s for sure…

WordPress Modder Reply

I would agree with all your points. Before it was released I kept hearing all the hype about how much more user-friendly it would be for Admins…I find it much more difficult and labor intensive to write and publish a post. I hate scrolling!

p.s. Ever thought about enabling the commentluv plugin?

Disturbed Reply

I upgraded pretty much straight away. At first I was loving it. But I am finding that when I am writing a post and doing a preview, it is saving the same post over and over again in my “Drafts” folder.
I open each one up and they all look the same, so I delete the draft ones and it ends up deleting the post from the site.
Very frustrating.
Apart from that, I am pretty happy. Especially happy with the automatic upgrades of plugins. That is sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Jo Reply

I like more of the upgrades than the dislikes, so didn’t vote in your poll. But I agree with you on your points, except the tags. It is better for me and the ability to edit typos and delete zero used ones.

I do wish they’d put the stuff back on the right side like they had before too.

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