Blogging Money!

Published On November 16, 2007
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Blogging Money!

Not earning enough to quit your day job?
Saving money for your next vacation?
Bills going through the roof and looking for some extra money?
Want to buy that new computer gadget that you have your eyes on?

Well, let me share some solid techniques to make money from your blog. These are not some run-of-the-mill techniques that every other blogger preaches about. Rather these are my personally tested and tried methods for a full time income. Bear in mind that we’re after measurable and quantifiable results. The competition is very stiff so every advantage you can get is vital. Blogging, just like any business/job, is one huge poker game where you have to put in something (quality content) to win big (revenue). And ya.. don’t leave your job yet 🙂

1. Get Sponsors for your Blog

Once your blog starts getting traffic, try and contact private companies that are operating in your niche area and get them to sponsor your blog. Even if its for a small amount, it adds up to your blog earnings. Gradually, when your blog ranks higher on the search engines, there are chances of getting better and high-paying sponsors. Try and provide all the details about your blog like traffic stats, search engine rankings, specialization area, unique visitors and keyword popularity. Also mention how your blog will help them in promoting their brand products. Do not get disheartened if you fail to get sponsors for the first time. Keep trying and make targets for yourself.

2. Review Products & Services

You can write paid reviews about different products, services or even review other websites. People are willing to pay if you give them a favorable review and also provide backlinks to their websites. Make some sort of a rating system or a scorecard which will help you in the reviewing process.

3. Develop Tools or Services for the Community

There is always a demand for useful tools that you can develop for your blog. If you are a programmer, designer or have any creative skills, make full use of them. If the community likes your creations, getting paid for them is an easy next step. Start out by keeping your tools free of cost and charge for customizing them according to individual requirements.

4. Publisher Programs

Sign up as a publisher for different programs like Google Adsense, Adbrite, Widgetbucks, Auctionads, etc. and choose the right one for your blog. This choice can only be made by trial and error method. If some program doesn’t work for your blog, remove it and move on to the next one.

5. Donations

Keeping a tips jar or maybe a Paypal Donations button on your blog will let your blog visitors contribute towards your hard work.

30 replies on “Blogging Money!”

cheap nike shoes wholesale Reply

PR is important for popularity gain and to achieve more in tips no1 absolutely you will need a higher PR because many sponsored out there will looking into that.

dendi Reply

i agree, those are how to make money online. I prefer to be a publisher, someway, it’s very easy to do rather than other. I already put some link to Get Sponsors for my Blog, and come nothing. I thing best way to make money is to be a publisher.

blogger-tales Reply

I liked your other post “ten commandments of link building”. I think this one is quite short on this huge topic. There are number of other sources. few are listed here on my website. You can check and share with your readers or readers of this comment can come themselves and see this.

Bernal Reply

How much to charge? Lets say if you have 125×125 banners that are going to be displayed monthly.

Also, how you know when your blog is ready to start offfering ads spots?

Joe Ryder - Make Money Online Reply

It’s fine to have great ways to build revenue, but if you’re not driving visitors to your site you’re not going to make anything….

Maureen McHale Reply

The key to making money with your blog is being on top of the blog…adding new fresh content and driving visitors through backlinks. If you don’t have the traffic – you’ll never make any money. Also, watch what ads are working (who’s clicking) and dump the ones that don’t – it can seem like a lot of work at first, but can be very worthwhile…my efforts are taking me to Hawaii…Great article – thanks for the post!!

Ecko Reply

I’ve added a PayPal button on my blog, but no one donate me yet. Anyway, have you any suggestion about ads pricing for a new blog? Mine is started on January, but it increases well for me. Thanks…

Brian Reply

Seems like this is a lot easier said than done. But good advice nonetheless. I am just now starting to get in touch with bloggers in my niche regarding sponsoring my site, so far both requests have been accepted. Maybe I’m just lucky, but it’s been very hard to approach someone about advertising.

Jai Reply

@Find That Gift For Him: You go to your paypal account and then to the merchant tools. You will find how to create the button.

zaifulzin Reply

Hi Jai
Firstly congratulation and hope you will make this blog move far way become one of the best wordpress blog in world.

I agree with all above except for tips no 2. Actually review others website is similar to selling link and it will hurt your PR. Yeah many webmaster/blogger agree that PR doesnt effect any of traffic but without high PR i dont think you will buy this blog for 10k :). PR is important for popularity gain and to achieve more in tips no1 absolutely you will need a higher PR because many sponsored out there will looking into that.

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