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Published On January 16, 2008
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I have been busy designing the new theme for this website and the result is in front of you. Blogohblog [dot] com has got a brand new theme for itself (I call it bob on fire!). Hurray!

I have made the layout of the website more organized with more compatibility for IE 6.0 and for people working on the 1024×768 resolution. Also, you will see the last five WordPress themes on the top in a slideshow (jQuery). The plugoo chat was inevitable, so had to create space for that too on the left side. The logo has changed a bit, and yes, I think it looks much better now. I have put also pagination on the bottom for easy reading of the posts. And finally, added a little fire to make things hot!

I will be tweaking some more stuff while you browse the website so just bear with me. And yeah, let me know what you think of this new template!

19 replies on “Blog Oh! Blog on Fire”

Abbas Reply

Awesome theme. I really really love it. Really kick ass.

Man this theme makes me want it sooo more :S a kiddish request. can i get this theme someway? :S :S please 😀

me iz wantz this theme plz plz plz

paul Reply

looks good. i did, however, have an issue with your template slideshow when i went to another page. the buttons would disappear. it worked fine on the homepage.

chada Reply

I was surprising the moment I entered here—Blog Oh Blog is a little different than before, just, how to say, it is wonderful!!! I am now need not scroll to see what are there in the right sidebar. And it looks perfect on my 1024*768 screen. Good job, Jai!

But, there is a problem beneath the comment box, the tip box is a little long, looks like a face of horse. Make it short and it will be really perfect^^

Mukesh Reply

jai its look very very god and the flame on the left side are show that india are really hot spot on software markat’s and desinging.

abeku Reply

Wah!Your new theme look more agresive with the flame on the left side, such a very inspiring me. The only thing is i prefer you to have a footer rather then a long list at sidebar…juz a comment. Anyway, overall it is really impressive.

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