Blog Oh! Blog Official Forums Launch

Published On November 26, 2007
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Before going to sleep today, I had to finish customizing the forums for the blog. Since I have been getting a lot of chat requests for theme support and other things as well, I decided on launching the official forums. The forums use the BBpress script and have been customized to go with our current theme. I hope you all like it, register your accounts and actively participate for any kind of help.

Blogohblog Forums

Take a Shuttle to the Forums

6 replies on “Blog Oh! Blog Official Forums Launch”

Jai Reply

@wanmus: The forums are for the people who need technical support and have something to discusss which they cannot do on the posts.

wanmus Reply

i see. but, why need discussion board if we just can discuss in this blog directly? i think this will separate our discussion not on one port.


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