Another Reason to be Proud of WordPress

Published On January 23, 2008
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Funding WordPress

Our favorite blogging CMS, WordPress, has received a whopping $29.5 million as funding from four companies, to buffer as it invests in other services, including an antispam filter and an online-identity product. These companies did not reveal the size of each firm’s investment, although The New York Times Company’s stake is the smallest one.

The Times Company had previously maintained a business relationship with Automattic, the commercial arm of the popular WordPress publishing platform. The guide site, which was purchased by the Times Company in 2005, is published using the WordPress platform. The New York Times has also produced more than 50 blogs using the platform.

I am really proud to be a WordPress user and so are many other bloggers around the world. What about you?

3 replies on “Another Reason to be Proud of WordPress”

KoTa Reply

Wow $29.5 million, sweet, can WP be even better?…
On the question: Yep, I am proud to be a WP user, even though it was the last blogging platform I went for. It’s not that I didn’t think it was good enough, there were some personal issues.

# I’m an idiot.
# I like being unique.
# I like having something that others don’t.
# I always feel good using my own products… Or rare products, supporting young developers that way.

But now…
# I’m using WP, because I got fed up creating own blogging software using my PDA [I don’t have a PC]
# No matter how good my blog would be, It wouldn’t be cooler than WP [But wait till I get a PC]
# Millions of users help WP with development.
# Jai doesn’t make themes for my blog.
# I suck creating themes… On my PDA.
# WP has loads of great plugins. [I can’t write my own on PDA]

joshua Reply

hello. i just wanted to stop by and personally thank you for the free theme i am now using on my blog. i appreciate the work you put into it very much, and i think it’s great!

thanks again!

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