An e-book on Google Analytics

Published On December 5, 2007
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Google Analytics E-bookAfter the release of my e-book on WordPress SEO, it will be a long time before I release another e-book. So, to provide you all with some more fresh content, I am writing about an e-book written by one of my friends, Althaf Ahmed. He runs the website called and has recently released his e-book on Google Analytics. The e-book is called “ABC of Google Analytics”. This e-book comes as a relief for all those webmasters who have been banking on Google’s Help for understanding and implementing Google Analytics. Althaf has de-mystified the Google Analytics concept in his quality e-book.The e-book is 35 pages long and is well written. It begins with a basic “How to Sign up” and moves on to the setup and the deeper concepts in Google Analytics. He has taken good care to explain the different features. One element missing in the book is the use of screenshots. There are a few, but they are inadequate. Althaf, I am sure you can do something about this.

Althaf hails from the same country I reside in, India. He lives in the city of Bangalore and holds a Business and marketing background.Other topics that he has covered in the book are

– Introduction to Bounce Rates
– Traffic Sources
– Traffic estimates
– Google Adwords and analytics
– PPC campaigns and analytics

What I liked the most about the book was the honest approach to the subject. There isn’t a single affiliate URL or promotional links in the book. In today’s Internet Marketing era, it’s really a hard to find fact.

Go ahead and download the book at It is available on the website’s homepage.

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Call center India Reply

It will be an new application form the Google and in use of analytic we can see the traffic analysis for the keyword and even the referral sites or from the user search.

Call Center Executive Reply

HI, While surfing I got this blog. I was looking for the book on Google Analytics for quite some time. Thankyou for providing such a treasure. I would love If it would have more screen shots to make concepts more practicle.


chada Reply

Hey, Jai! I am a boy from China and I now using your theme for my WP blog. I love your themes and your articles.

I wonder if I can translate your Ebook about SEO into Chinese. In fact, I have finished the work but haven’t put it on my page untill now. The book is very useful and I want to share it with other people who cannot read in English. May I?

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