31 days

Published On July 19, 2007
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31 days

Thanks all who visited my blog and using my WordPress Themes. Simple summary you need to know about my blog 🙂

According to my host statistics (Statistics for July 2007). My daily Unique Visitors are 450 (Average). Really good stats for a new blog like me.

WordPress Themes
My WordPress themes was downloaded 13,880 times at themes.wordpress.net. Thanks who used, modified, just try and remove it.

Big Blue
Single theme with total Downloads: 5,485

525 blog reactions to Blog Oh Blog. Authority: 401 and Rank: 9,418 (TOP 10K)

Traffic Rank for blogohblog.com: 4018,669 ( cool? )

Random stats
25 posts and 106 comments / 2,208 words blogged in 31 days

Google Page Rank
Still in gray color equal zero (0).

Simple way to get some traffic. This is a cool thing to play. 9,752 Site Requests 13,279 Impressions 17 Conversions.

For this month i no need to use my personal money to pay my hosting bill. Thanks who support my ads. (appreciate)

Thanks all. Love you all.

8 replies on “31 days”

Lee Doyle Reply

Your doing good man! I love your styl so I hope you keep up with your themes. Would love to see updates on black and white and also new thems that I may switch too.

nicola losito "kOoLiNuS" Reply

your themes are pretty cool , so there’s no real surprise for the results you’re achieving!

I’m happy for you! And thanks {because probably soon I will use a theme of yours for my personal italian blog}

Elizar Reply

Hi Bob! (hmmm… ‘hi bob’ reminds me of Wolverine! 🙂

Thanks for your Limau Orange theme! I think it’s very very cool! I’m going to use it for a long time! that’s for sure! thanks!


admin Reply

Yes. Roughly every 3-4 months they take a snapshot of PageRank values and export them so that the new values are visible.

Ryan Lineker Reply

Thats really cool. Your PageRank is still 0 because there hasn’t been a PageRank update in the last 31 days. There is rumoured to be one near the end of July so you will get omse then.

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